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‘East of the Sun West of the Moon’ by Jack White

Residency: Oslo, Norway
Premiered: March, 3 2015 by Pinquins
Location: Islington Mill, Salford, UK

‘East of the Sun West of the Moon’ is written for percussion trio and electroacoustics. Jack explained: “Setting this Norwegian folk tale I wanted to use the structure and imagery of the tale to give a sense of the main character’s journey. It was my intention to highlight the sexism common to many folktales of the past, and use it for dramatic effect within the work. I recorded the tale in English, Welsh and Norwegian and then worked out where these sounds would work best within the piece. I also used sounds gathered on my last trip to Iceland. At its simplest level it is a story about finding love. At its most complex it is about the importance of questioning your relationship to the world and asking difficult questions. To this effect I wanted to guide the audience through the work with textual cues, leaving space in the music and electronics for them to create the images in their own imagination.”

Supported by: Arts Council of Wales, Wales Arts International, Arts Council England, Nordic Culture Point.

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