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15 August 2015: Cycle Music and Art Festival, Iceland

As part of the Moving Classics Concert Series the Norwegian Pinquins Percussion Trio present a concert premièring ‘36000 years alongside Baubo’, a new composition by the talented French composer Brice Catherin.

Percussion music can be many things, and in this program Pinquins will sing, whistle, hum, and play on everything from drums and glockenspiel to balloons, grass, stones and the human body – with one the compositions containing three specially made metal sculptures. Pinquins will be performing a selection of their favourite repertoire by composers such as Malin Bång, Erik Dæhlin, Michael Maierhof, Thierry De Mey and Eyvind Guldbrandsen.

For further information and tickets go to: cycle.is

Brice_Catherin_ @Mélanie Groley

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