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Cycle Music and Art Festival 2015 – Visual Highlights

August was an exciting month seeing the Moving Classics team all come together in Iceland to  deliver our first Cycle Music and Art Festival in Kopavogur. The festival is the main platform for Moving Classics to showcase the work of our composers and as well as being meeting point of creative worlds, producing and presenting works that reach outside the traditional boundaries of discipline, craft and process.

Cycle presented over 26 events over four days and featured two Moving Classics premières – ‘Surrounded by Strangers’ written for the South Iceland Chamber Choir by Eyvind Gulbrandsen  and ‘36000 Years Alongside Buabo’ written for Pinquins percussion trio by Brice Catherin. The festival received a great response from the public and the press seeing more than 6000 attending various events and concerts over the four days.

“Cycle Music & Art Festival is one of the most interesting addition to the Icelandic festival landscape this year”

– Kristján Gunnarson, critic at DV national newspaper, Iceland

Big thanks and congratulations to the Icelandic Festival team, composers, musicians, artists, volunteers and everyone involved.

Photos by Rut Sigurdardottir Photography.

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