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‘36000 Years Alongside Baubo’ by Brice Catherin

Residency: Oslo, Norway
Premiered: August, 15 2015 by Pinquins, percussion trio
Location: Cycle Music and Art Festival – Molinn, Kopavogur, Iceland

Brice Catherin became inspired by Georges Devereux ‘Baubo: the Mythical Vulva (Baubo: die mythische Vulva), where he analyses multiple ancient figures of fertility that can be found everywhere in the world, including in civilisations that never met. Brice said: “Devereux was a man who was born Hungarian and became French, who could speak Hungarian, French, English and German fluently, but also ancient Greek – he perfectly symbolises the best that Europe can offer: a thirst for knowledge, peace, mutual understanding and blossoming of the individuals. Borders were not his problem and only the humans mattered to him.”

Wanting to compose for this ancient symbol of fertility, Brice created a composition with the emphases on the pronoun ‘we’. “I did not finish my work – ‘we’ have to finish it together every time ‘we’ play it. ‘We’ the performer and ‘we’ the audience.”  For each performance three texts will be selected and included in the second movement. The texts will be suggested by the audience in advance (via email, social media or traditional mail) and the performers will choose three of them for each concert. “They can be anything that the audience and the performers feel like sharing with Baubo: a poem, a paragraph from a novel, an article or even a recipe – whatever they feel makes sense” .

Sound by Árni Möller
Camera: Brian FitzGibbon, Ragnar Árni Ólafsson
Video & editing by Brian FitzGibbon

Photos by Rut Sigurdardottir Photography.

Moving Classics is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

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