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Moving Classics has awarded Arnold Marinissen a residency in springtime 2016, with Pinquins percussion trio in Oslo, Norway. Arnold is a percussionist himself, and has therefore unique and valuable knowledge about percussion instruments, percussionists, their possibilities and limitations. In his new piece for Pinquins – text, melody and the human voices will be important elements. This melody will be harmonised, instrumentated, accompanied, ornamented, juxtaposed by the percussion parts.

I’m thrilled to have been awarded by Moving Classics a residency with the Norwegian percussion trio Pinquins. I cherish their motivation and artistic aims, and their very personal approach to percussion. Pinquins wants to reach far beyond the repertoire as we know it, and also far beyond the well-known concepts of playing percussion. They are adventurous, dare to stretch their abilities, and to take risks.” – Arnold Marinissen

Arnold Marinissen likes to write for voices. Working with text, the personality and warmth of each individual voice, the intense dealing with sound, breath, diction and intonation make singing for him a field of special interest. He also likes a lot to write for percussion. His background as a percussionist provides him with knowledge and a clear taste and direction in writing for this multi-coloured family of instruments. New work was recently performed in the PAS Convention in San Antonio, Texas/USA, by marimbist Ramon Lormans, harpist Ernestine Stoop, the Insomnia Percussion Trio in Taiwan/Taipei, the percussion duo Niek KleinJan/Konstantyn Napolov in the NJO Music Summer, and by the duo Gross & Marinissen in Zagreb, Berlin and the Netherlands.

Arnold’s Moving Classics composition will be premièred by the Pinquins in Oslo, Norway on May 21 2016 and at Cycle Music and Art Festival in Kopavogur, Iceland, October 2016.

Listen to Arnold’s past work:

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