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The Bremen Town Musicians by Enrica Sciandrone

Residency: Manchester, UK
Premiered: December 10, 2015 by Psappha Ensemble
Location: Manchester Central Library, UK

Celebrated film composer Enrica Sciandrone has spent 2015 as Moving Classics composer in residence with leading New Music Ensemble, Psappha. Inspired by author Philip Pullman’s new translation of the Brothers’ Grimm fairy tales (with Pullman’s full support) she has created a new suite of works bringing “The Bremen Town Musicians” to life, drawing on her experience of storytelling through music for the moving image.

Enrica said: “Being part of Moving Classics has been a truly amazing experience. I feel fortunate to have shared my ideas and worked together with Curated Place to deliver my piece and its concept; Andy, Heidrun and all the team at Curated Place have been more than supportive and open to suggestions, with both a friendly and highly professional attitude. PSAPPHA ensemble doesn’t need any presentation, but let me say one thing: working with these amazing musicians is one of the best treat I had in my career.”

Sound by Rob Kelledy
Camera: Bearded Fellows
Video & editing by Bearded Fellows

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