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Stylianos Dimou will be visiting Manchester this autumn, writing a new composition for the respected new music ensemble Psappha. The piece addresses the coexistence of multiple acoustic and electronic sonic entities. The generalised standpoint stems from the actual genesis of an electrified sonic world, derived from the electronic processing of acoustic sounds that will behave as the sonic extension of the instrumental ensemble in a unified and indistinguishable way resembling to a “sonic twin”.

My goal is to build a bridge of mutual understanding allowing the musicians and myself to engage towards a valuable and meaningful collaboration. I consider this as the integral part in music making allowing freedom and artistic challenge to emerge. Moving Classics 2016 can become a rewarding and indispensable experience for my nourishment as a musician and composer.”                                                                                                        – Stylianos Dimou

Stylianos Dimou is a Greek composer born in Thessaloniki in 1988. Fulbright Scholar and participant of numerous International Composers Meetings, Festivals and Competitions, Dimou pursued advanced studies in Music Composition at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Department of Music Studies (Greece, 2011, MM in Composition). He subsequently undertook Graduate Studies at the Eastman School of Music (USA, 2013, MA in composition). He is currently a Doctoral Fellow at Columbia University in the City of New York (DMA in Music Composition) closely studying with Professor G. F. Haas, Professor G. E. Lewis and Professor F. Lerdahl. Dimou is the Assistant Conductor of the Columbia University Orchestra.

Listen to Stylianos’ past work:

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