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‘And all shall be well’ by Arnold Marinissen

Residency: Oslo, Norway
Premiered: June, 9 2016 by Pinquins, percussion trio
Location: Sentralen, Oslo, Norway
Second performance: October, 30 2016 at Salurinn, Kopavogur, Iceland

‘And all shall be well’ is centered around the literary interests of the three Pinquins players who Arnold Marinissen worked with as composer in residency in Oslo, 2016. They selected text clippings that are especially relevant to them. Arnold placed them inside and around the central text, a section from Gertrude Stein’s book “Geography and Plays”. All texts relate to the topics of being, doing and becoming; most of them were written in Europe.

In ‘And all shall be well, the three percussionist sing the texts, accompanying themselves on glockenspiel, vibraphone, marimba, and a choice of other percussion instruments.

The music flows smoothly and organically for most part of the piece. However, towards the end, there is a more hectic and rhythmical section on non-pitched percussion instruments. In this section, the audience is invited to clap and stamp along, and later on, to voice their own literary interests, out loud and on the spot.

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