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Cracking Slides: assembling the “detached” by Stylianos Dimou

Residency: Manchester, UK Premiered: December, 3rd 2016 by Psappha Location: Hallé St Michaels, Manchester, UK

Our final Moving Classics commission of the 2014-16 project welcomed Greek composer Stylianos Dimou to Manchester to work with the always stunning Psappha ensemble bringing all of our partners to Manchseter to close the project and hear a programme of modern classics and young composers’ premieres.

cracking slides: assembling the “detached” (2016) for four instruments and live electronics

addresses the coexistence of multiple acoustic and electronic sounds projecting an electrified and an immersive sound profile. The sonic pallet of the piece consists of quasi metallic sounds, idiomatic frictions, granulated textures and chaotic microtonal clouds. The energy of the musical discourse is formulated by a constant interactivity of materials within an unfolding of intricate sonic connections and electrified acoustical masses among the musicians and the “computer(s)”. This project reflects my most recent ideas regarding electroacoustic music: to find a practical medium to produce dense and complex sound masses. The roles of sound production are equally distributed among the musicians and the technology, aiming for the best mutual contribution in the projection of such an immersive soundscape. The general idea of the piece stems from the creation of an electrified sonic world that behaves as the sonic extension of the actual ensemble. Therefore it becomes a real-time byproduct via the processing of real instrumental sounds. This vibrant environment is characterized by a constant interactivity of gestures while it projects “sonic behaviors” and networks of distinguishable sonic objects that are all perceived in a unified sonic fabric.


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