Moving Classics is a European Network for New Music – creating, performing and promoting new contemporary classical music to new audiences with the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Moving Classics main objectives are:
  • Enable young and mid-career European composers who have achieved national impact to devise, develop & perform new compositions internationally.
  • Introduce new audiences to contemporary classical music by delivering high quality experiences internationally in unusual venues using innovative performance formats.
  • Evaluate and share best practice learned through the delivery of international projects to maximize knowledge exchange of working in different cultures and production environments.

Inspired by regional musical, literary, poetic and artistic traditions, interpreted through the eyes of an outsider working in each host region the project will deliver a series of festivals for showcasing the new works, alongside workshops, master-classes and debates that connect participants and audiences. The project will also establish a professional development programme and an online resource for musicians and artists seeking new ways to collaborate and experiment. Created with the intention of engaging modern audiences that may not have experienced contemporary classical music the project will seek to reshape the perception of taught musicianship by showing its role in a shared European identity, embracing the emergent experience economy and moving the performance space from the concert hall to found spaces and the public realm.

For additional information about the programme and press enquiries please contact: info@movingclassics.eu